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Dredger, Lead Eye, Purple

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The two-tone Purple Dredger Lead Eye Fly is a versatile all around streamer and is extremely effective for Salmon and Steelhead. The vivid colors will trigger strikes and make this a top producing fly in any water condition. The lead eyes keep the hook riding up and will let this fly drag along the bottom and over rocks. Steelhead Anglers find the weight and snag resistance to be a great benefit when using the newer indicator techniques.

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Eric's Clodhopper, Pink

Eric's Clodhopper, Pink

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This Hopper pattern lands upright every single time and can seriously take a beating. If you want serious hopper action, Eric's Pink Clodhopper is guaranteed to bring them to the surface.

Yuk Bug, Bead Head, Pepperoni

Yuk Bug, Bead Head, Pepperoni

Your price: $1.75

This somewhat crazy looking Bead Head Pepperoni Yuk Bug doesn't resemble, well, anything really. It does however look tasty to aggressive trout in both rivers and lakes. The Yuk Bug is a great fly to use when you just need some attention (works better than YouTube). Fish in lakes like it fished on a sinking line with short quick strips and it can be a great panfish bug. We don't recommend this taste test, but the Yuk Bug has scientifically proven that it's not yucky to 98 out of 100 fish.