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Shallow Water Shrimp

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You can't fish for bonefish or permit without thinking about crabs and shrimp. Both of these fish work the flats eating crustaceans as they move along. Successful anglers start with the right size and color fly. The fly also has to hit the water with a minimum of commotion but still sink quickly. This fly is a must have for any serious salt fisherman.

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Crystal Midge, Brown, Tungsten Bead

Crystal Midge, Brown, Tungsten Bead

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This lifelike pattern tempts the strikes out of the pickiest trout. Ideal in spring creeks, streams and rivers. The Crystal Midge, Brown, Tungsten Bead gets the fly down in the water column quickly. This is a must have for picky trout feeding on the tiny insects.

Bonefish Scampi Leadeye

Bonefish Scampi Leadeye

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With it's pearly body for subtle flash, and a rabbit fur wing for action, the Bonefish Scampi is simplicity itself - this fly has all of the things we look for in a productive bonefish pattern. Having bonefish flies in a variety of weights helps anglers cover all water conditions, and this fly is tied in two versions - one with lead eyes (heavier weight) or bead chain eyes (lighter weight) to help anglers keep the fly right in the strike zone. This fly in the Lead Eye is also a nice imitation of a Mole Crab for surf perch, croakers, flounders, etc.