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Leech, Articulated, Black

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Like most fish, steelhead and salmon love flies with movement. The Black Articulated Leech has a jointed shank and pulsating body that is effective on a variety of other species as well.

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Green Drake, Parachute

Green Drake, Parachute

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This Parachute Green Drake dry fly is very visible to the fly fisher and very realistic to rising trout. It closely resembles a hatching Green Drake Duns and lands upright more often than some other traditionally hackled trout fly patterns. Big fish key on Green Drakes and the visibility of this fly lets the angler cast it into nearly any type of water where the big boys might be lurking.

Rubber Bugger, Cone Head, Takilya

Rubber Bugger, Cone Head, Takilya

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A rubberized version of the popular Tequeely fly, the Takilya Cone Head Rubber Bugger is a proven fish catcher. The bright yellows and oranges in this fly's unique rubber body material wiggle all over the place for more strike inducing movement than we've seen in any other fly. Try fishing the Tequila Cone Head Rubber Bugger in the fall for aggressive browns and lake run rainbows.