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Black Dose

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The Black Dose Fly is an attractive pattern that combines a flash of color with a visible dark profile. Although a classic Atlantic salmon pattern it can be effective on multiple species.

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Mouse, Natural

Mouse, Natural

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The Natural Mouse Fly, also called the Mouse Rat, is among the most unique fly fishing flies out there. This was developed as a bass fly but somewhat surprisingly, it turns out that wet rodent is a welcomed delicacy for not only largemouths, but pike, big trout, salmon, smallies, and many other fish species. Truly, there are few fly fishing situations as strangely rewarding as catching big fish on a fly tied to imitate a small mammal. Give it a try some evening and see what eats mice in your river or lake.

Deep Sparkle Pupa, Tan

Deep Sparkle Pupa, Tan

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This popular and innovative Tan Deep Sparkle Pupa pattern was developed by the late Gary LaFontaine. Hours of underwater reasearch with scuba or snorkel equipment revealed that caddis can form a gas bubble around themselves when prepering to hatch. The antron or Z-lon case around this fly forms a transluscent impression of that bubble that trout find hard to resist. Fly fishermen everywhere have made this fly one of the staples in their selections.