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Green Drake, Wulff

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This fly is more attractive to trout because the hook is hidden by the larger fly body. The Wulff Green Drake is designed to provide buoyancy and balance on the water. Trout often seem to prefer the more even and realistic ride provided by the clipped hackle.

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Shrimp, Salt, Grey

Shrimp, Salt, Grey

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This is a realistic shrimp pattern that is especially useful when fish have seen and refused several flashier patterns. It is effective on a variety of flats and mangrove species.

Rusty Spinner, Foam

Rusty Spinner, Foam

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Many fly fishermen know that the worst part of fishing a spinner fall can be determining which dot on the water is your fly. The Rusty Foam PMD Spinner is actually visible to the angler while providing the fish with nothing but a realistic spent mayfly silhouette.