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Hopper, Bullet Head, Foam

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With buoyant foam and deer hair, this Foam Bullet Head Hopper Fly is easy and enjoyable to fish. Many hoppers show a yellow underside and fish seem to be attracted to the color and lifelike appearance of this pattern.

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Serendipity, Red

Serendipity, Red

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Developed around the classic trout waters of Yellowstone, Red Serendipity Fly has become a favorite especially of pocket water fishermen on the famous Madison River. The array of colors and sizes allows this fly to be used for caddis and midges or simply as a searching pattern. Trout in all types of water, even in large stillwater environments, seem to love the segmented buggy look of the Serendipity.

Comet, Coho

Comet, Coho

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