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Hopper, Bullet Head, Foam

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With buoyant foam and deer hair, this Foam Bullet Head Hopper Fly is easy and enjoyable to fish. Many hoppers show a yellow underside and fish seem to be attracted to the color and lifelike appearance of this pattern.

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Sow Bug, Soft Hackle

Sow Bug, Soft Hackle

Your price: $1.50

Nymph fishermen are sure to carry Sow Bugs in their fly collection, they are some of the most important food sorces on many waters. The Soft Hackle Sow Bug is a very good imitation that was developed on the Big Horn River in Montana. Anglers all over are finding this pattern effective on their home water and that it is effective for more than a Sow Bug imitation.

Frog, Deer Hair, Bug

Frog, Deer Hair, Bug

Your price: $3.50

Fly fishing the surface for exploding bass and pike is unlike any other fly fishing situation. This is the ultimate Deer Hair Frog fly pattern. Toss this realistic fishing fly into gaps in the weeds or lilly pads to get big fish up to the surface. The legs on this bass fishing wonder fly produce an enticing kicking motion that ambushing bass can't resist.