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Damsel Fly, Adult, Olive

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Nothing in stillwater fly fishing matches the excitement of casting big damsel adults to cruising hogs. This pattern matches a spent or trapped damsel adult perfectly. It is best when fished still on a long leader when fish are cruising banks or shallows.

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Girdle Bug, Black, White Legs

Girdle Bug, Black, White Legs

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In this time of crazy synthetics and ultra-realistic fly patterns the classic White Leg Black Girdle Bug is sometimes overlooked. Anglers in the know, however, are still catching big brawny trout on this suggestive pattern. Fish it deep for a stonefly or you might even try stripping it like a bugger. The Girdle Bug may be an oldie, but its a goodie.

Wooly Bugger, Black

Wooly Bugger, Black

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