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Zonker, White/Pearl

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Zonkers are a classic rabbit streamer and White has proven itself as one of the top producing colors. The bright color triggers strikes and is easy to track as it swims in the water. The minnow-like profile and realistic flash underbody match minnows and baitfish the large fish feed on. The White/Pearl Zonker will work almost anywhere in all conditions for most freshwater fish.

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Starlight Leech, Chartreuse

Starlight Leech, Chartreuse

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Much like the Hot Shot, the Chartreuse Starlight Leech takes everything that is good about the Bunny and Egg Sucking Leeches and adds weighted eyes and a neon head to get it down to where fish hold in deeper pools or swift currents and get their attention.

Cowans Mullet

Cowans Mullet

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The Cowans Mullet is a durable and effective pattern that imitates the translucent body of a small Mullet or baitfish. It is a versitile pattern that will work on most saltwater species and freshwater anglers have found it to be a great all around minnow imitation and one of the best Shad imitations.