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Egg, Light Chartreuse

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The Light Chartreuse Egg Fly is one of the most effective roe patters available. The color combination of this fly is great for catching fish in almost any water condition. This color is exceptional when the fish have been spawning for some time and they are seeing lighter colored eggs.

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Crayfish, Clouser, Olive

Crayfish, Clouser, Olive

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Olive Clouser Crayfish patterns are vital bass flies especially around rocks and other shoreline sructure. Try fishing this fly for both smallmouth and large mouth bass or even for trout in still or slow water environments.

Trude, Lime

Trude, Lime

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The Lime Trude is a classic fly fishing fly that won't go out of style. The down wing provides fish with a different silhouette than most attractor flies and can work when stoneflies and caddis are about on the trout stream. Fly fishermen from Alaska to Argentina have found Trudes to work when other trout flies seem to be ignored by fish.