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Leech, Hot Shot, Purple

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The Purple Hotshot Leech Fly takes everthing that is good about the Bunny and Egg Sucking Leeches and adds weighted eyes to get it down to where fish hold in deeper pools or swift currents.

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Egg, Unreal, Light Pink - Red Bead

Egg, Unreal, Light Pink - Red Bead

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The Light Pink Unreal Egg Fly is one of the most realistic roe patters available. The internal red glass bead gives the fly a 3D effect and mimics a fertilized egg exceptionally well. The color combination of this fly is great for catching fish in clear water. This color is exceptional when the fish have been spawning for some time and they are seeing lighter colored eggs.

Burgin Bugger, Cone Head, Olive

Burgin Bugger, Cone Head, Olive

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This is a newer version of the classic Bugger tie. The Olive Burgin Bugger incorporates a realistic two tone tail, a flashy krystal chenile body and lifelike rubberlegs. These features along with the cone head give it a natural look that resembles sculpin, leeches, crayfish and more making it one of the most versatile streamers available. Every angler should have Buggers in their fly box and the Burgin Bugger should be at the top of the list.