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Leech, Hot Shot, Purple

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The Purple Hotshot Leech Fly takes everthing that is good about the Bunny and Egg Sucking Leeches and adds weighted eyes to get it down to where fish hold in deeper pools or swift currents.

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Clouser Deep Minnow, Grey-White

Clouser Deep Minnow, Grey-White

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This classic saltwater fly also known as a Clouser Minnow is probably the most popular saltwater pattern in the world. It is effective on nearly every predatory saltwater species. It is especially useful for stripers, bluefish, bonefish, redfish, snook, seatrout, and many others. It has also become a very popular freshwater streamer pattern. Every fly fisher should carry an array of sizes and colors to be ready for anything.

Disco Midge, Green

Disco Midge, Green

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The Green Disco Midge takes flash to new levels. This midge larva pattern is highly visible and highly effective for aggresive trout in waters where midges make up a large part of their diet. It is one of the best midge patterns in slightly dirty water or tailwaters with a lot of drifting debris.