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Sow Bug, Gray

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Years ago any conversation waterside involving the subject of Sow Bugs on most waters would have brought questioning looks by many as this aquatic life form had very little recognition. Now a days Nymph fishermen are sure to carry some Sow bugs in the collection. The Grey Sow Bug is a very good impressionistic pattern that is sure to draw some attention. Simply put, get this fly, put it in your box and get it wet! The Grey Sow Bug will not disappoint.

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Leech, Mini, Bead Head, Black-Olive

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Leeches are some of the most effective stillwater and streamer patterns available and the Bead Head Olive/Black Mini Leech is a must for your box. These colors blended together are some of the best we have seen to match a Leech and this fly will also imitate insects, sculpin and crayfish. The bead head offers flash which will attract fish and gives the fly a swimming action when you strip the fly. This fly will work for almost any freshwater fish and is hard to beat on waters with multiple food options. Try this fly and the fish will reward you with plenty of aggressive strikes.

Half & Half, Blue/White

Half & Half, Blue/White

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