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Deceiver, Red-White

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The Deceiver fly is a classic saltwater baitfish streamer popularized by Lefty Kreh. It has caught fish for years and continues to produce all around the world. This fly is a muti-purpose baitfish pattern that has proven effective on almost any saltwater species. Several colors and sizes should be in every fly box even for those anglers going after some of the more predatory freshwater species.

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Stillwater Anglers are finding chironomid patterns to be extremely effective and at times it seems they are the only flies fish will take. The Red Butt High Voltage Chironomid Pupa is one of the top producing chironomid patterns. The vivid colors of this fly grab the attention of fish and closely match the Pupa as they prepare to hatch. This fly is a great choice for fishing below an indicator.



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The Cockroach Fly is a classic tarpon pattern that is effective in a variety of situations especially when visibility is good and more subdued colors are preferred for your tarpon fly.