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Sculpin, Deer Hair, Olive, Red Butt

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This is one of the most realistic sculpin patterns available. The inclusion of a weed guard makes this fly fishable in any type of water as well. Big fish go crazy for sculpins and this one gets even the most lethargic trout to chase.

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The Alevin Fly can be key to your early season success. With the coming of spring and early summer and any real significant aquatic emergence activity still weeks if not months away the Alevin is a hot target for fish. A good imitation of a newly hatched steelhead, salmon smolt or even newly hatched trout species of your home waters the Alevin Fly or Sac Fly as it’s commonly known should be part of your fly selection. This is a high protein food source that fish look for with eager anticipation with each spring season.

Serendipity, Black

Serendipity, Black

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Developed around the classic trout waters of Yellowstone, Black Serendipity Fly has become a favorite especially of pocket water fishermen on the famous Madison River. The array of colors and sizes allows this fly to be used for caddis and midges or simply as a searching pattern. Trout in all types of water, even in large stillwater environments, seem to love the segmented buggy look of the Serendipity.