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Prawn, Black

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Shrimp are not usually part of a salmon's diet once it moves into fresh water. Even so, the Black Prawn Flies seem to trigger something in a fish's memory that makes it strike.

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Scud, Amber, Light

Scud, Amber, Light

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Fly fishers in many places are finding that Amber Scud Flies are very productive trout flies. They are especially important for fly fishing in tailwaters and spring creeks. Some large fish key specifically on scuds because of their high protein content. The Amber Scud excels in nutrient rich trout streams below dams and can also be used where scuds are found in stillwater environments.

Matuka, Dark Spruce, Salmon Hook

Matuka, Dark Spruce, Salmon Hook

Your price: $1.85

This is an adaptation of a classic trout streamer that has proven to be effective on salmon as well. Our Dark Spruce Matuka on a salmon hook makes for a tough fly.