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Umpqua Special

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Fly fishers in the know are likely to carry this Umpqua Special pattern in their fly box. It is an effective change up when fish have refused other patterns.

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Leech, Sparkle, Olive

Leech, Sparkle, Olive

Your price: $1.50

The pulsating action and unique light catching qualities of this Olive Sparkle Leech fly make it an effective pattern for almost any fish. It is a top producing pattern and stillwater anglers who fish this fly behind sinking fly lines have tremendous success. Though mostly known as a stillwater pattern the Olive Sparkle Leech will show surprising results on almost any water with many presentations.

Leech, Mini, Bead Head, Dark Red

Leech, Mini, Bead Head, Dark Red

Your price: $1.65

The Bead Head Red Mini Leech yields surprising results and is a pattern anglers should not be without. This pattern will catch almost any freshwater fish and we have found that Cutthroat can't stay away from this fly. At times, leeches wear colors like this but the bright color and flash make this an equally effective attractor. Leeches are some of the most effective stillwater and streamer patterns around and sparsely dressed patterns like this will often out produce other options.