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Crayfish, Clouser, Olive

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Olive Clouser Crayfish patterns are vital bass flies especially around rocks and other shoreline sructure. Try fishing this fly for both smallmouth and large mouth bass or even for trout in still or slow water environments.

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Green Drake, Trout Slayer

Green Drake, Trout Slayer

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These large insects are "trout candy" on our western streams. Green drakes are the largest mayflies that provide fishable hatches in our fast local rivers. In the Pacific Northwest region, look for them toward the end of the giant stonefly hatches; May & June on most rivers, but some spring creeks such as Oregon's Metolius River has strong late summer hatches as well.. Hatches occur during mid-day and are usually easily visible. Windless, cloud-cover days are best. Green Drakes are large insects and evidently taste really good to trout. This pattern was custom designed by our RiverBum staff. It is the most effective pattern we have used to date. When Green Drakes hatch in good numbers the trout forget all other foods and target drakes only.

Bunny Leech, Brown

Bunny Leech, Brown

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A large profile leech pattern, this brown bunny leech fly will get attention from a distance. Cross cut and Zonker style rabbit strips give this fly a lifelike pulsating action proven to stimulate strikes from trout, salmon, bass, and a variety of other species.