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Bitch Creek Nymph, Yellow

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The Yellow Bitch Creek Nymph Fly has been a big fish catcher for years. The bright color and the overall buggy feel make this fly trout candy during the spring and early summer months. The bright color set against black also makes this an effective pattern when your favorite trout stream is a bit high and murky.

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Girdle Bug, Black, White Legs

Girdle Bug, Black, White Legs

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In this time of crazy synthetics and ultra-realistic fly patterns the classic White Leg Black Girdle Bug is sometimes overlooked. Anglers in the know, however, are still catching big brawny trout on this suggestive pattern. Fish it deep for a stonefly or you might even try stripping it like a bugger. The Girdle Bug may be an oldie, but its a goodie.

Blue Winged Olive, Zelon Cripple

Blue Winged Olive, Zelon Cripple

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Fly fishers who frequently encounter selective fish will enjoy the Blue Winged Olive Zelon Cripple. Cripples are fished less often than other patterns and smart fish have learned that a cripple/emerger is an easy meal. This fly is easy to see on the water and the floatation qualities this fly allow you to easily trail a second fly from when needed.