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Stone, Fluttering

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The Fluttering Stone imitates a struggling or egg laying stonefly and is irresistable to big fish. Trout will often feed on stoneflies until they are absolutely full so it pays to hit the hatch just as it begins and follow the big flies upstream as the hatch progresses.

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Bunny Leech, Purple, Cone Head, Salmon Hook

Bunny Leech, Purple, Cone Head, Salmon Hook

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A large profile leech pattern, this Purple Cone Head Bunny Leech will get attention from a distance. Cross cut and Zonker style rabbit strips give this fly a lifelike pulsating action proven to stimulate strikes from trout, salmon, bass, and a variety of other species.

Barr Emerger, Bead Head, Blue Wing Olive

Barr Emerger, Bead Head, Blue Wing Olive

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The Bead Head Barr Emerger Fly matches the early stages of a hatching mayfly. Created by John Barr, it can be fished deep as a nymph, through the middle of the water column, or just under the surface. This emerger closely resembles a baetis or blue winged olive mayfly but it will work on many waters all year long. The weight of the bead makes this a great pattern to drop off of a dry fly. The flash from the bead matches natural gas bubbles emerging mayflies have and will help the fish single out your fly among the naturals.